April 21, 2003

anyone else have had this problem, here are the details: the lower bolt that holds the drivers seat back to the seat snapps in half. I heard one or two other people who had this problem. How to solve it. There's a expensive cool way and a cheap standard way. The cool way: replace the seat with some cool buckets or gen III buckets ( there is a website that shows you how to do this, email me if you would like to know it) the other way is to replace the bolt. Replacing the bolt sounds easy but it's actually kind of difficult in my case. When I first tried to fix it I wanted to do it quick and simple so i tried drilling it out. This does not work very good espicially if your using a small titanium bit because it will break. The right way is to pull the seat fabric/cover up squirt some lubricant in and twist it out.