May 29, 2005

Well I installed a Tru cool trans cooler GVW 28000 size part#4590 on my 97 1500 truck for the first day, everything seemed fine until I went on a trip while traveling down the freeway at 75mph using cruise control heard something like a clunk thought maybe the road dropped down a couple of inches because was in construction zone anyway after the next 3 miles get off the road and noticed that something was wrong come to realize the trans would not shift out of second gear even had a hard time going from 1st to 2nd, thought that something might be wrong with the trans cooler I installed. Had to drive back home at 50 mph which was 75 miles away nearest town to have someone look at it. Was told that the trans could be burned up or maybe torque converter problem, my truck has 64693 miles on it. By the way truck does not have a tow package reason for the cooler install. A little late for the cooler should have done this mod when I bought the truck. Any way the shop tech was looking at the cooler I installed, and told me that I should have by- passed the cooler going thru the radiator and went straight to the aftermarket cooler, so has anyone else heard of this before????
The reason for this is the radiator cooler (stock cooler) generates to much heat in the first place. What he is saying does make some sense since the radiator is running at 200 degrees already. Using a 195 temp thermostat.
Just for your info I use to haul around a camper on this truck but would take out of o/d while hauling camper, I was at pushing manufactures rated capacity with camper and pulling atv trailer at the same time.