October 14, 2009

I love my Toyo MT's, would definetly buy them again. But, for a couple of reasons, I am thinking of getting something different this next time around. Mainly because they are still pricey these days(running about $280 each still). I loved the Toyo M/T because it is a good mud/off-road tire, but still has great on road manners. So i'm looking for something in that same class, and came across this new Goodyear Duratrac. I'm not normally a fan of Goodyear in general, but I like the tread design on these. More like an MT then an AT, but still a good amount of siping. Plus they have the Mountain Snowflake Symbol designation which means they are tested and approved for having excellent winter snow/ice capabilities and are certified for severe snow/winter conditions. I've owned a few other tires with this designation (BFG A/T for example), and was very happy in the winter time with them, so that is a plus for this tire in my book. Where I live, and the conditions I drive in, I need that.