September 20, 2011

In February my 02 Ram 1500 4.7L (248,300 miles)had the heater core blocked and started leaking. $1300 later core and evaporator replaced. In April Heater core sprang a leak and dealer replaced under repair warranty. Last Thursday, Sep 15, noticed a leak again! Took to dealer again. We both felt something is strange about this. Mechanic ran further tests and found a blown head gasket! Well gonna get new gaskets, machine the heads new valves, timing chain and parts. ($2900.00!) Thankfully i had just recieved a 10% off coupon the week before. Although the heater core problem was not the result of their work or defective parts, the dealer will replace free of charge.

Have always had excellent treatment from this dealer and am very satisfied with my dealings with them.