April 16, 2009

I have a 5.9 360 in my 99'' ram 1500. It has 180 something k on it and runs awesome! However, about a week ago a noise started and its comming from the front of the engine. I was sure it was the water pump (bearing, *or* even the impeller in side grinding slightly) because thats what the noise sounds like. Its not consistant, it comes and goes. though it makes the noise ever time i drive the truck, so far. I''ve replaced the waterpump, alternator,idler pulley and tensioner pulley and fan clutch about 3 months ago and a mechanic told me it wasn''t the a/c compressor pulley. Could the harmonic balancer make noise it it''s bad? what about a spun bearing on the crank *or* something? IDK..., INFO PLEASE!!! THANKS!